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Download, Install and Activate Mcafee | Download, Install and Activate Mcafee

McAfee Activate - These days internet attackers are creating advanced malware and viruses to steal valuable information from your computers. In order to get rid of these threats, you should install a robust and reliable antivirus program on your Mac or PC. McAfee is one of the most known security suites for computers and other digital devices. By installing McAfee in your computer, you can prevent your device from such internet threats and malicious software. McAfee has won the trust of millions of customers worldwide.

Activate McAfee Subscription

• First of all, you have to open an internet browser on your device. Then simply copy and paste the link in the URL bar of the browser.

• Choose the country and language when asked to do so. (the website may fetch the information according to your location, but it is always recommended that one should cross-check the details)

• Now enter the following when asked:

• Activation Code mentioned on the McAfee retail card.

• Your complete email address.

• Hit submit.

• If asked, then cross-check that you have entered the correct email id. In case if it is incorrect, then press the Edit button to correct the mistake.

• Press Verify, and your subscription will be activated just after the verification completes.

• Now the website will guide you for creating a McAfee account, so follow it. Now your McAfee account will be created.

How to Download and Install the McAfee Software on Windows?

• Open the Internet Explorer or any other browser and then go to the web address.

• Now head to My Account and then press the Sign In link.

• Provide your McAfee account credentials and then hit Log In.

• Navigate to My Account.

• Now choose the McAfee product that you want to install.

• Tap the Download button.

• Open the downloaded installer setup file and then follow the instructions to complete the installation.

How to Download and Install McAfee on a Mac?

• Launch the internet browser on your Mac.

• Type the "" link in the URL bar and press Enter.

• Navigate to My Account and then choose the Sign In.

• Enter the McAfee ID and password when asked and then click on Log In.

• Now go to My Apps.

• Choose McAfee Internet Security or other products that you want to install.

• Inside the "Protect all your devices" option, press the Download link.

• Accept the License Agreement.

• Note down the serial number mentioned in the Download option. You will need it later to activate the antivirus. ( Kindly note that serial number is valid only for two hours, so make sure to install the program just after the downloading process)

• Tap Download.

• Open the download file and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the antivirus.

Installing the McAfee Product on Tablet or Smartphone

• On your computer, open up a web explorer and then type ""

• Now navigate My Account.

• Go to the Sign-In option.

• Type the email and password associated with the McAfee account and then press Log In.

• Now click on the "+" button.

• Choose the smartphone device in which you want to install the program.

• Press the Send Link option.

• Now you have to select the platform of your device and then choose the McAfee product that you want to install on your phone.

• Hit the Next option.

• Now choose the country in which you are located and then also provide the phone number of the device to receive the download link via a text message.

• Once done, open your phone and find the message that is sent to you by McAfee.

• Click on the download link sent to you by McAfee.

• Press the Download button again when a new browser window pop-ups and read the McAfee License Agreement. Now Accept once you have read everything carefully.

• Open the application from the app store and then log in with your McAfee account email address and password.

• Make a six-digit PIN of your choice for McAfee app, if asked to do so.

• The McAfee app can also be downloaded through the device's app store directly. But you will need to activate the subscription on your phone.

Keep in mind that you should possess a McAfee account on website. In other words, create an account first and then choose the plan. After that, you are eligible to use McAfee antivirus on your computer, tablet, and smartphone.